Blank Stare


Staring in the mirror I see the hurt in one’s eyes, the stare of heartache, the stare of disappointment, the stare of unforgiveness.
Who are you and who has this world turned you into? Have you lost yourself? Have the ways of the world tormented you?

Are you confused little one, as to why your life seems so blue?
And then the tears begin to fall.
Are you living or existing? Going through the motions of life just to get past you existing. Not putting forth any effort to become better,  you are just existing.
Going through life unhappy and full of disappointments, you are just existing. Don’t you want more? Life has more to offer.
Living. Finding peace through situations and finding the strength to smile and press forward. Living. Allowing one to get back close after so many have hurt you. Living. Giving back and making an impact on the lives you touch. Living. Staying positive and living without regrets. LIVING.

The deep rooted pain has caused you a lot of shame, but one day you will find strength. The strength to move forward. The strength to want to Live, Laugh and Love.
Disappointments have caused you to lose trust in those who you have once given your heart to; the ones who you thought would never get you down; the ones who did so well to always keep a smile on the face that now has turned into a mask that has bottled all of your emotions.

Smile they say, you look pretty when you smile, but how can you smile when life has let you down. Stay strong they say, this too shall pass. But how can you have hope when life has brought you down. Pray honey, God will show you the way, get back to the old you because I miss that about you. Lost and emotionless, deep down inside I want to scream, I want to shout. What has life done to me?
Staring in the mirror as my reflection stares back it tells me to be strong lil one because one day I will soon bring the old you back.


—–April Swanigan