Due to the recent negative incident surrounding Alcorn State University, what do you think that the University should do to move forward from such a horrible situation?


Christopher Jefferson



Horn Lake, Mississippi

I think the University should have more police on campus. I feel like the better the security the better the school will be.


Ashley Bonds



McComb, Mississippi

Due to the recent negative incidents that have happened at Alcorn, I think that the University should have more activities throughout the week to reduce the down time to bring forth a more positive environment.


Goldie Beny



Hattiesburg, Mississippi

I think that the University should continue to move forward by learning from its mistakes and improving upon them. Alcorn is a great place of learning and shouldn’t be looked at any other way.


Ken Johnson



Hunstville, Alabama

I feel that the best way to move past the incident is to continue to strive as a campus to show what Alcorn is truly about. We should focus on returning to what it means to be an Alcornite.


Anthony Shahid



St. Louis, Missouri

The University should begin to advertise the positive things Alcorn has to offer. They should talk about the curriculum that is being offered, the many scholarships being offered, etc. We should not let one bad incident define the entire institution.