How has your life changed due to Covid-19?



Taylor Lawrence




Dallas, Texas

Since Covid-19 it’s been very hard to be close with and hang out with friends. I always forget to bring my mask to places and I have to be cautious about where I go.


Denise Campbell




Richland, Mississippi

Covid-19 has really changed everything. I think the biggest change for me was the loss of my internship. I applied for a life changing internship that took months to set up only for it to be cancelled by this virus only weeks before it was supposed to start. I was banking on it honestly. I was left without the pay, the credit hours and the experience. Aside from that, things have been stressful and I’ve had to adjust to the new anxieties brought on by the virus.


Kah leab Hill




Houston, Texas

Covid-19 has made 2020 a very challenging year. In December of 2019 I had knee surgery which required me to rehab throughout 2020. Once the pandemic started the hospital that I was going to for rehab closed down which interrupted my rehabilitation. This interruption prevented me from fully recovering.


Creshona Kenny




McComb, Mississippi

My life has changed in a positive way due to Covid-19. I wouldn’t necessarily say changed but I have adapted to changes around me and it helped me grow. It helped me perfect my craft and dig deeper within myself. Although it did slow several things down it was also a blessing for me in a way.


Shanin Clark


Computer Science


Rochester, New York

Due to Covid-19 my life has changed tremendously. I was thrust into taking online courses which in my opinion is much harder than face-to-face learning and I had to adapt to studying during  quarantine which took some getting used to.


Heather Almekdad is a Junior Broadcast/Mass Communications major from Fayette, Mississippi. She will be a contributor to The Campus Chronicle for the 2020-2021 school year.