Racist is a noun we Americans know all too well. When we think of someone being racist we think of Caucasian Americans. With all of the unruly court cases such as African-American males being shot to death by Caucasian Americans, and many other actions that have taken place in America we have come to the conclusion that Caucasian Americans are racists. On February 26, 2012 Trayvon Martin  who was an unarmed African-American male, was gunned down in Sanford, Florida. George Zimmerman, the “Spanish American” male that is viewed as a Caucasian American male in the media, was the man who took Travon Martin’s life because he looked suspicious. This is when the African American community decided to fight back and stand together but when an African-American guns down another African-American, Black Lives Matter organizations don’t involve themselves how they should when its black on black situations.

This brings me to the question, could it possibility be that African-Americans are also racists? If Caucasian Americans of today still revelled in the days of Jim Crow there would definitely be a problem? Could Caucasian Americans make mean and cruel jokes about African-Americans without being tormented? Or could Caucasian Americans have an all white entertainment TV station and get away with it? When asked about race in America today, Clueless star and Fox News contributor, Stacy Dash commented, “do we want integration or segregation.” She believes, if African Americans want to become equal in America, they need to get rid of television stations like BET and TV ONE. She even went as far as saying that Black History Month should not exist.

Looking back at everything that has happened in America, as far as race is concerned, African Americans have been exiled and persecuted for years. But when do they say enough is enough, and start looking at what they do to themselves instead of what other races do to them. Blacks are as much to blame as Caucasians are. Today in America no matter how rich African Americans become, there will always be a big difference between white people and black people. Equality will never exist for African Americans unless they become equal with themselves.

Xavier Peterson is a Junior Mass Communications/Broadcast major from Buffalo, New York. He will be a contributing writer for The Campus Chronicle for the Spring 2016 semester.