Single Reviews: Young M.A, G. Herbo and Lil Yachty


This week I decided to put my playlist on blast and share my favorite top three singles.



Young M.A dropped the single “PRAKTICE” on March 22, 2018 independently. Many fans felt like Young M.A fell off after her sensational single “Oooouuu” which crowned her as one of the most dominant MCs of Summer 2016. I don’t agree with that because Young M.A has consistently delivered on all of the songs she has dropped. However, I believe this track along with her “I Get the Bag” freestyle will put her back on top.

This track is  heavily “bar” influenced and overall shuts all of the Young M.A haters up who’ve been saying that she isn’t fit for the rap game or she hasn’t been working to perfect her craft. OH, YEAHHHH AND THE BEAT IS HAAAAARD!

“Like we ain’t never go hard for this/They don’t let us in, we bogartin’ this ish/Yeah/They talkin’ bout practice, bloody/Like we don’t practice, bloody”



Now this song wasn’t even supposed to be a song but strictly a freestyle. G Herbo was on K104 and freestyled over Three Six Mafia’s “Who Run It”. Social media got a dosage of the mini clip that was posted and instantly got addicted off of that HERBmethazine.

When I first heard the clip, I played it like literally 100 times because it was so raw and really displayed G Herbo’s lyrical ability in a way that no one had ever seen. Fans kept commenting on the clip over and over saying that they wanted him to drop the freestyle. But Champagne Papi, yeah Drake, plus the 150,000 likes he requested is the reason why Herb went ahead and dropped “Who Run It” on March 22nd .

“Who you think you ahead of? Not us/In the S or the Porsche Carerras somethin’
/F**k twins like Tia and Tamera somethin’/Yeah that boy gettin’ bread, Panera, something”



I am not a Lil Boat fan and I wasn’t pressed about listening to his album ‘Lil Boat 2’ when he dropped it back on March 9th. However, being a true music lover, I gave it a shot. Surprisingly, I loved it and “NBAYOUNGBOAT” was my favorite tune.

The track is very bangable. Isssssssssa mood! Digital Nas (the producer) found a perfect blend between NBA and Lil Boat’s sound. On the track, both Lil Boat and NBA YoungBoy talk about living lavish and their trap lifestyle.

“I’m with the .38 baby, my neck see more water than the Navy (gang) I wanna f**k your girl, my nigga then I got lazy (ugh)/I saw your new watch, that ish cool but my ish crazy/Canary yellow diamonds in my mouth like I bit a daisy (yeah)”



Amari Ferguson is a Graduating Senior Broadcast/Mass Communications major from Gary, Indiana. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2019-2020 school year.