Talkin’ With Tangi (February 15, 2017)


Dear Tangi:


My girlfriend and I have been a couple here on Alcorn’s campus for 8 months now and things couldn’t be better. She’s an intelligent, caring, loving woman who I can see myself spending eternity with. The only problem is Carrie (not her real name) is a little too touchy-feely when it comes to the opposite sex. When she sees one of her male friends (and there are a lot of them) she always gives them a long, very heartfelt hug and kisses them on the cheek even if I’m standing right there. I’ve confronted her about this numerous times and expressed how it makes me feel but she keeps telling me that I have nothing to worry about because the guys are ‘just her friends’. My friends often ask me how do I put up with all of the public displays of affection toward other men and I just respond to them by saying that, “I trust her.” I really do love and care for this young lady but I don’t know how much more of it that I can take. PLEASE HELP!


Can’t Take Much More


Dear Can’t Take Much More:


Seems to me that you have a very friendly girlfriend. Not to be alarmed but a lot of females in and out of relationships are friendly, so her hugging her male friends is to be expected. On the other hand, the kissing of the cheeks is a bit too cheeky lol. What I would suggest is that you sit her down again and communicate with her once more. Advise her that you are still uncomfortable about her over friendly vibe. Explain to her that relationships are about compromise and that you would appreciate it if she took the time out to think of the situation as if she were in your shoes. I propose that you express the situation firmly enough so she understands that you are serious but not to the point where she feels accused. In the end, communication will be your best friend and that is the first step to making things better.




Jakia Hardy is a Sophomore Broadcast/Mass Communications major from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She will be an Advice Columnist for The Campus Chronicle for the Spring 2017 semester.