Talkin’ With Tangy (April 17, 2017)


Dear Tangy:


First time writer, long time fan. I’ve been reading your column for the last few months and I must say I like the information that you disseminate to your readers. Here’s hoping you can help me. I’m pretty much a ‘C’ student here on Alcorn’s campus but I’d like to get better so that I can pledge one day. Everything that I’ve tried (tutors, study groups, etc.) have only helped me marginally. Currently I have a 2.2 cumulative grade point average (GPA) but I need to get that to a 2.75 by the Spring of 2018. Is there any advice that you could give me that could help me to raise my GPA so that I can complete my destiny?



Man of Distinction


Dear Man of Distinction:


First, let me take the time out and say thank you for reading my blog. I truly appreciate it very much. I hear your problem and let me say I know the feeling. I am still trying to get my grades where they need to be. Grades are the measure of college success. I have a few things that I follow to help me stay motivated. Even though most professors do not do this, I suggest that you ask them for extra work. Explain the situation of you wanting to pledge and see if they will help you out. Next, do the “extras” in some courses. There are special, end of the semester activities that some professors do that can improve your grade. I advise you to ask your professors about it.

Take advantage of review sessions and extra office hours. Especially in schools where there are no pluses or minuses, even a little grade improvement can push you over the hump. Also, keep a list of resources. The sooner you can get started on your assignments, the better you’ll be. Try keeping a list of proven information sources, web apps and other dependable resources. This way once you complete your assignment early you can deliver it to your professor, get it checked for errors and finally correct those errors. And lastly all of the assignments that you get back with grades of A or B on them study any and everything you got right which is an excellent way to improve your grades. I hope this advice was helpful and I pray that you succeed in pledging. Good Luck!

Jakia Hardy is a Sophomore Broadcast/Mass Communications major from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She will be an Advice Columnist for The Campus Chronicle for the Spring 2017 semester.