Talkin’ With Tangy (September 29, 2017)


Dear Tangy:


I am a Junior here at Alcorn State University and I must say I love the institution. I have been adequately trained in my future profession and I have made life long friends which brings me to my situation for writing you. I have been BFFs (Best Friends Forever) with this young lady (I’ll call her Sue) since our Freshmen year. She knows everything about me and vice versa. Last semester Sue met this young man who she claims she’s madly in love with. (I’ll call him Ted) I have a huge problem with this. Sue is like my sister and I want the best for her and Ted is not it. He berates her constantly, he’s always borrowing her credit card and he tries to isolate her from me. Two weeks ago I caught Ted staring at me and when I confronted him about it he told me that he’s only with Sue to get closer to me. Obviously, I was appalled but how do I tell my best friend that her boyfriend, who she’s madly in love with, is interested in me and always has been. Sue is sort of a drama queen and I don’t know how she’ll take this news. Should I tell her or should I just keep this quiet and deal with Ted’s repeated advances?



In a Pickle


Dear In a Pickle:
     If you are truly appalled by your BFF’s boyfriend’s admission to you about his true feelings then you should immediately establish some parameters. First you should make it abundantly clear that you are somewhat flattered but you would never betray your best friend in any way, shape or form. Then as far as your BFF is concerned, I think that you should just let it go for now and not tell her since you’ve described her as an immense drama queen. But if it happens again, then I think regardless of the outcome, that you should definitely confess to her what has happened. I wish you much luck in your dilemma and I hope my words to you have been helpful.

Keaundria Milloy is a Graduating Senior Broadcast/Mass Communications major from Mount Olive, Mississippi. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2019-2020 academic year.