The Perks of Being a Klutz


I gazed out the window from the top of the stairs. There was ice on the ground but it didn’t matter. I had on my new boots and they were made for walking. The shoes gave me so much confidence that I was flying. As I took my next step, my foot slipped, my knees buckled, my hand missed the rail and my body flew down a flight of stairs. My butt was stinging but the only thing I could think was “look around and see if anyone saw.” No one was around so I got up and limped away. The boots may have been made for walking but they literally made me fly.

Whether it’s a cut, a bruise or a fall, events like this happen every day to clumsy people like me. In fact, states the definition of clumsy is, “done awkwardly or without skill or elegance.” Also, according to Bustle, a recent study revealed that clumsiness is innate or biological. According to the source, clumsy people perceive things differently. However, this doesn’t just apply to motor skills, clumsy people are likely to be awkward in most things they do. They tend to have clumsy conversations, like when a waiter says, “enjoy your food” and they say, “you too.”  They also have clumsy interactions like going for a fist bump when the other person is going for a hug. Although most of this does sound truly terrible being clumsy does have its benefits.

If you watch any standard romantic comedy, there is a pretty high chance that the lead will be clumsy enough so that you will like them. The female will drop her books, so that her lover can pick them up. Or the guy will trip in front of the girl and run into walls until she realizes he is the one. My point in sharing this is to reveal that clumsy people are likable and relatable. Everyone will see a clumsy person and think “been there.” They just don’t know that the clumsy person has “been there” pretty much every other day. Still, clumsy people are likely to be loved, simply because some of their flaws are very apparent. Compared to other people clumsy people are a mess. This puts people, who are not as clumsy, at ease and they aren’t pressured to act perfect. In movie terms, another character feels like they can be themselves around the clumsy character, so they end up together (as friends, lovers, as whatever). 

Being a klutz, also, gives you the benefit of laughing at yourself. Once you know how to do that, you can freely laugh at other people. Clumsy people don’t laugh at other people’s pain or embarrassment. They laugh knowing they have been there and will be in that position again. Of course, clumsy people do get embarrassed but they learn not to take it too seriously. It is a shallow embarrassment compared to what people think they feel. Also, they learn how to keep on moving after a moment of clumsiness. Maybe they apologized to themselves after they tripped, waved at someone who didn’t see them or couldn’t find the right words when flirting. Clumsy people deal with moments like this regularly so they are better at coping after it happens.

Lastly, clumsy people have great stories and the scars to go with them. Being clumsy is, definitely, a humorous thing so the stories that come with it are going to be as well. Injuries, which often look worse than they are, are going to serve as evidence and exaggeration. This quality in clumsy people aids in becoming better at humor and better at storytelling. People always want to know about your injury. They want to talk about that time you fell at the movies in front of everyone or they want to remind you of that handshake that you turned into a hug. Being clumsy is a sure way to never have dry conversations or boring story times. 

Overall, being a klutz does have cons but it also has its pros. Clumsy people can more easily relate to people, they can laugh at themselves and take things lightly and they have great stories. So, if you awkwardly maneuver through life then I encourage you to recognize the power of the klutz. I promote the perks of being clumsy. And I encourage you to become a clum-alum (clumsy club alumni) and be proud of who you are.

Victoria Montgomery is a Freshman Broadcast/Mass Communications major from Jackson, Mississippi. She will be a contributor to The Campus Chronicle for the 2017-2018 school year.