This Week in Entertainment News (January 25, 2016)


This week in entertainment news, Jamie Foxx saves a man’s life, J. Cole secretly got married, and rapper Meek Mill donates to the Flint water crisis.

First up, American actor, singer, and comedian Jamie Foxx saved a man’s life. According to TMZ, Jamie Foxx saved a man from a burning car crash Monday night. Foxx encountered the vehicle near his front gate where it was overturned. The driver has been charged with driving under the influence which may have been the cause of his vehicle skidding down the wet road. Foxx reportedly unbuckled the driver and dragged him away from the car after calling 911. The man is said to have been taken to a hospital where he is currently being treated.

Next up, rapper J. Cole secretly got married to his college sweetheart. Last year rumors began to circulate that the Fayetteville artist had gotten engaged to his longtime girlfriend Melissa Heholt and they appeared to have been true. The couple met during J. Cole’s time at St. John’s University and have been together for 10 years. Cole was caught off-guard during the #MLKNow event that occurred in New York City, and was also live streamed, as Ryan Coogler, the director of Creed and Fruitvale Station, accidentally asked, “How did getting married change you?” during the interview. Congratulations go out to Mr. Cole.

In our final story, rapper Meek Mill donates to the Flint, Michigan water crisis this week. In the midst of 50 Cent’s trolling, Meek Mill has found a way to look beyond the constant pettiness to help the people of Flint. Meek recently released a new EP that contained a diss record that mentioned 50 in it and the rapper has been since humiliating Meek on Instagram. After a fan reached out to Meek via Twitter saying, “Somebody tell Meek Mill and 50 Cent the people in Flint, Michigan could use some water. Their lives depend on it. #DontWasteEachOther’sTime.” Meek posted the tweet on Instagram saying that he would donate $50,000 to Flint for water to be bought and shipped by Roc Nation on his behalf and asked 50 Cent to match his donation to which he has not. Meek’s monetary donation went to the Flint Child and Family Health Development and the additional 60,000 bottles of water went to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

JaKia S. Gilbert is a Senior majoring in Mass Communications from Clarksdale, MS. She will be the Entertainment Columnist for The Campus Chronicle for the 2015-2016 school year.