TV Review: 9-1-1





Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee, brings the audience the second season of the critically acclaimed show 9-1-1. The show takes the viewers into the lives of Los Angeles’ Fire and Rescue, Police and Emergency Dispatchers. It takes viewers on the day-to-day journey of a first responder from their tumultuous home lives to their everyday duties. 9-1-1 explores the thrilling experiences that the first responders jump into everyday to save the lives of others. The show stars Angela Basset, as Athena Grant, a hard working mother of two and Sheriff’s Deputy, who devotes her life to being one of the best in her field. During season one she struggled with both her home life and her career as the two begin to intertwine. Aisha Hinds plays her best friend Henrietta “Hen” Wilson, the paramedic. Hinds is a seasoned actress who has worked on shows like Fox’s Prison Break and ABC’s Desperate Housewives.

Season two returned on September 23rd and 24th with a 2-day episode premiere.

S2:E1 (Under Pressure) – On one of the hottest days of the Summer with a high of 113 degrees the responders can only wish that the heat was their only issue. The crew responds to an emergency at an auto-repair shop and a caller with a live grenade embedded in his leg. Evan “Buck “Buckley  (Oliver Stark) is surprised when his older sister Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) arrives after not being in contact with him for years. There is a new man on the team Eddie ( Ryan Guzman), known for his roles in Step Up: All In and The Boy Next Door. Eddie doesn’t receive a warm welcome from Buck because he thinks Eddie will jeopardize his chances of being chosen for a firemen calendar.

S2:E2 (7.1) – The City of Los Angeles is hit with a massive earthquake. The first responders answers a call from a high rise that is crumbling both above and underground. The crew examines the risk and decides to take on the task of rescuing as many survivors as possible. Maddie, who is starting her life over as a 911 operator, faces her first major crisis on the job. Athena must deal with wreckage from a collapsed freeway overpass and receives help from an unlikely source.

Season 1 and 2 are available on HULU and you can also watch the show on the Fox Now App. 9-1-1 is on every Monday at 9:00 pm eastern/8:00 pm central on Fox.

Jalyn Chapman is a Senior Broadcasting/Mass Communications major from Atlanta, Georgia. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2018-2019 academic year.