Why do you think that it is important to exercise your right to vote?


Dondre Turnley


Business Accounting


Brownsville, Tennessee

I believe it is important because we are the future of this country. It is a right we have fought too long and too hard for.


Kameron Hilliard


Elementary Education


Ocean Springs, Mississippi

It is important because our voice matters. Our ancestors fought hard for us to vote so we should use that right responsibly.


Marcus Hill


Business Administration


Chicago, Illinois

It is important because our ancestors died for our right to vote so by us not exercising that right it defeats the purpose of their struggle.


Ikenna Eke


Computer Science


Logos, Nigeria

As a student, it is a common practice to vote. I think that it is important to exercise our voting rights if, and only if, the voter is well informed about the happenings in the country and not just voting as a result of peer pressure.


Marshawn Grady


Biology Pre-Med


Memphis, Tennessee

It’s important because only a few years ago African Americans were not allowed to vote. Now that we have people of color running for office trying to better our country, we need to ensure that they get elected by voting.



Jordan Lampley is a Junior from Memphis, Tennessee majoring in Broadcasting/Mass Communications. He will be a contributor to The Campus Chronicle for the 2019-2020 academic year.