With 2020 upon us, where do you see yourself by the end of this decade?


Demetria Montgomery


Criminal Justice


Jackson, Mississippi

By the end of the decade I see myself with multiple degrees, married with kids, and working as a forensic investigator somewhere in Texas.


Ashli Holloway


Animal Science


Stockbridge, Georgia

I will be working for the USDA because my dream is to travel the state while gaining experience. I will have two Dobermans and will have fulfilled half of the goals on my Bucket List.


Hiry Thompson III


Social Work


New Orleans, Louisiana

By the end of this decade I see myself as a psychiatric social worker for inner city teenagers and young adults of color. Growing up as a minority in an inner city is hard enough and this could cause great deals of stress on the mind. Everyone needs a positive outlet to express themselves and their feelings while having their mental health tended to.


Zedrick Coleman


Music Education


Forth Worth, Texas

I see myself being one of the top classical film score composers in the world. Also, I’d like to win multiple Grammys for my work in different genres of music.


Tobias Bruce


Agricultural Economics


Port Gibson, Mississippi

I see myself being a successful agriculture teacher by helping influence other’s lives while teaching my students how they receive their food everyday.

Heather Almekdad is a Junior Broadcast/Mass Communications major from Fayette, Mississippi. She will be a contributor to The Campus Chronicle for the 2020-2021 school year.