Word-On-The-Street: Would you change Alcorn State University into a Predominately White Institution (PWI) or let it remain an Historically Black College and University (HBCU)? Why?




Angelica Brown



Mass Communications

Edwards, MS

I would let Alcorn State University remain an HBCU. However, I would implement a plethora of changes so that Alcorn would be able to compete on the level of PWIs.




Jocelyn Taylor



Mass Communications

Mound Bayou, MS

I would choose that Alcorn stay an HBCU. Alcorn has so much rich heritage. Changing the origin of our university would be like erasing all of the great memories and connections we’ve obtained since the university’s inception.



KeAmber Council



Mass Communications

Waldorf, Maryland

If it were up to me, I would let Alcorn State University remain an HBCU. The history of ASU needs to be maintained and cherished, especially during a time where HBCUs are becoming irrelevant.



J’maaryel Dooley



Mass Communications

Jackson, MS

I would keep Alcorn State University as an HBCU because this is a small institution that teaches you more than what is in books. This school may not have a lot of students like Jackson State but the way that it is set up, for example the location, you have no other choice but to get your lesson and learn more about life’s decisions. Alcorn’s history is another reason that it should not be changed.


some dude

Jarian Redmond



Agriculture Plant & Soil

Greenville, MS

The world is not black and white, it is colorful. I don’t think you should even count the number by color, but by students. On the other hand, if you change Alcorn to a PWI, then you would have to change all of the others as well; whether it be PWI to HBCU or vice versa.








Renita Lacy is a Graduating Senior Broadcast/Mass Communications major. She will be a staff writer for The Campus Chronicle for the 2016-2017 school year.